Fuckland was shot without permission of the Falkland authorities, therefore the film crew was travelling to the Islands with small DV-cameras and they behaved like tourists. Marqués called his project a “clandestine movie”. It can be apprehended as a social and intercultural experiment on a “mined” territory. And besides, the word for „girl“ in Argentine colloquial speech is „mina“ (mine in English). With a screenplay , film permissions and the agreement of the real life people to be recorded wouldn´t have been possible to film the reactions of Falkland Islanders to the “Argentine tourist” and to show how a historical conflict has an influence on human relationships in everyday life. There´s also to say that Fuckland wasn´t shot with a hidden or secret camera, as some critics say. The recorded people could see the hand-held camera all the time, but it was manipulated, the green light, indicating recording, was turned off when Fabian Stratas filmed. His experience as magician made it possible to record almost 70 per cent of the footage without people perceiving to be recorded.

Horacio Bernades said in the Argentine newspaper Página 12,  Fuckland has been  “one of the most furiously self-critical films in Argentine cinema for a long time”. Dogma films are characterised by “purity” ( rules and self-restraint) but also by provocation. It´s no wonder that extra-screenings of Fuckland were scheduled at the London film festival 2000.It was also screened at the  Sundance Film Festival and its TV-platform, while in Argentina some critics seemed the ambiguous humour on the Malvinas/Falklands conflict anything but funny. The Falkland Authorities prohibited to show the film at the Islands. Neverthless, Camilla Heaney was right she said, Falkland Islanders „don´t come out of the film too badly“.(Moss, Chris: Falklands girls are easy. The Guardian. 18 september 2000)

Fabian Stratas plays the typical role of an “Argentinian abroad”, friendly and arrogant, chauvinistic , „a macho man in search of conquest“. Márques imagined him as “the kind of people (that) makes you feel ashamed”, an immoral person . Otherwise, the actor plays also himself and the spectator can understand his paranoia as he has to talk to Islanders as Argentinian, the invader and enemy in the Falklands recent history.

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