Film review

Teresa Delgado

The Argentinian Fabian travels to the Falkland Islands 17 years after the end of the war between his country and the United Kingdom. Until 1999 Argentine citizens couldn´t get a visa to visit the “Islas Malvinas”, as Argentinians call them and which their government considers a not decolonized part of their territory. He is one of the first Argentine tourists after the end of war and wants to film the Islands and the “Kelpers”, but he is also planning to reconquer the Falklands peacefully and, respecting the Islanders´ right of self-determination, to explore the possibilities of the most frightening Latino weapon for Anglo-Saxon population in America: the Latino-fertility and reproductive capacities. Although it´s not easy to find young women to seduce in Port Stanley, he finally meets Camilla, who seems to be attracted by Fabian for a while. But his obsession with filming and the transformation of the charming Fabian into a more aggressive and, at the same time, more boring seducer rise Camilla´s distrust. The Argentine “conqueror” ends up being the hunted hunter.

Fuckland, a docu-fiction shot during a one week visit at the Falkland Islands, is known as the only certificated Latin-American Dogma movie. The filmmaker José Luis Marqués didn´t respect all the rules of the Dogma 95 movement, which are based on the ultra-realistic aesthetics of the Danish filmmakers Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, but he adapted them to make a movie wherein reality and fiction are interacting, with defined rules for the film crew and, on the other hand, openness for unexpected situations.

As Marqués explains in his book about Fuckland, the crew consisted of 7 persons with just  two actors, the Argentine magician Fabian Stratas and the British actress Camilla Heaney. The first self given rule was, the rest of the people appearing in the movie must belong to the real world, the second rule determinated the actors as their own cameramen and the fifth rule described the projects outlines as just a starting point for situations in which the actors had to improvise with real life persons.

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